about us

JEMBODYROCK workouts are challenging, but incredibly rewarding. The founder's strong commitment to her clients helps them to achieve their training goals by pushing them beyond their own potential. She also encourages them to take advantage of the life long health benefits associated with general fitness training. She has the rare ability of being able to challenge her clients without beating them up in the process, and she will go to any length to help clients reach their fitness goals. ​She doesn’t just train them physically, she trains them mentally as well, by educating clients on their physical condition and the importance of health and fitness. Helping clients embrace health and fitness as a way of life. 

Her philosophy “Knowledge combined with a strong commitment and time” is an important building block that will allow clients to successfully achieve the specific fitness goals in which they desire. Ultimately, to achieve the full benefits from training, it is necessary to develop and maintain a well-rounded training program that also includes proper nutrition. JEMBODYROCK doesen't believe in diets. Instead, we help you adapt it as a lifestyle. 

JEMBODYROCK  likes to work you out hard and knows how to get results, we expect it!  Our training gives you a feeling of accomplishment and a sense of satisfaction when you're done.  We pride ourselves on being pleasant to train with, while pushing you with a kind intensity. ​We love what we do and it shows!

JBR's motto;
​"Look deep within yourself to discover the beautiful facets of your inner ​​jem… The Perfect Jewel"

JEMBODYROCK trainers are certified and insured. We pride ourselves in our professionalism, our extensive knowledge of nutrition and the physical anatomy. 

​Jembodyrock trainers are multi-certified, with expertise in Mat Science, Pilates, Hatha and Vinyasa StyleYoga, TRX, Cardio Kick Boxing, Bag N Glove and Boot Camps.
​Our workouts are an exciting combination of all the above. You will never be bored!