Personal Training

​Workouts are designed to fit you and your life style. All of our clients are assigned a trainer right from the start, which will provide them with the utmost​​ and comprehensive fitness programs with regular monthly check ups.
We specialize in one - on - one, semi-private and group personal training, which all focus on personailzed attention to details.​​ Your trainer will guide you first to build your foundation. By stimulating your muscles, you will increase your stamina and strength. With your trainer, a proper nutrional plan combined with your commitment, determination and consistency, you will burn body fat and build lean muscle. Your muscle will become stronger, leaner and toner. Collectively, you will then produce the body you have always wanted. 






JEMBODYROCK'S training focuses on proper form, correct alignment, and safety movements which promote injury prevention, longevity and preservation.

​​The use of compound multi- functional movements helps to build muscles faster and leaner, keeping you agile for everyday use. Compound exercises help strengthen your body the way it actually works in real life. 

Pilates and Mat Science both focus on the core, which is your power-house. These classes strengthen the abdominal region, as well as your lower back. As you strengthen the erector spinae muscles, this will help to relieve lower backache and promote proper posture.

​​​Fit Camps, Boot Camps or Bodyrock Camps are a combinations of agilities, plyometric movements and drills which help to build bone density, and also help develop quickness and stamina. Classes and training are held both inside and outside. Sign up now!